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   Measure thickness of egg shell with PM-5 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Many users consult if the thickness of egg shells can be measured by using our ultrasonic thickness gauge. They say in order to feed scientifically, the farms need to check egg quality and healthy condition of chicken. The traditional measuring method used in farms is by screw micrometer, which is clipped on the broken shells to get approximate value. But the disadvantages of this method are obvious:1 the egg shells must be broken. 2 only local shell thickness can be tested, and the thickness evenness of whole shell can’t be measured optionally.
So, the farms want to find some instruments to test the shell thickness accurately without breaking egg shells.

Therefore, we did the test with two eggs with our PM-5 ultrasonic thickness gauge. We applied some couplant gel, then contact the egg shell slight with delay single element probe, and immediately the thickness value displayed on the screen. The wave form is correct and the value is  with an accuracy to three decimal places. Afterwards, we repeated the measurement with many eggs, and the result turn to be very stable and accurate.
 Measure thickness of egg shell

Measure thickness of egg shell






Mobiltelefon:+86 18640030418


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Adresse:Nr. 9 Shenbei Strasse, Shenbei neuer Bezirk, Shenyang Stadt,

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