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   Measure Thickness of Particular Material with UM-5DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

In below pictures, it is the sample piece sent by customers, the material is similar with rubber, and pipe diameter varies. The customer wants to test the wall thickness, but he tried with many ultrasonic thickness gauge manufacturers before, no instrument can measure it.
Measure Thickness of Particular Material
The wall thickness of sample piece is 6.35mm
    After getting the general information about thickness, material of the sample piece, and required measurement precision-0.001”, we decide to test this PVC pipe with UM-5DL ultrasonic thickness gauge. The reasons are: 1. the high precision requirement due to the particularity of the sample piece.
2. UM-5DL ultrasonic thickness gauge has time based A scan function, by which the wave form can be displayed on screen, then the measurement can be controlled better with it, making the measuring range bigger and value more precision, and avoiding relevant error arising from material.
We applied couplant gel on surface of PVC pipe, making the probe and PVC pipe surface couple completely to reduce measuring error. When we adjust the instrument to A scan mode,a wave form displayed on screen, which prove the sample piece thickness can be measured.
Then we zero and calibrate the instrument to ensure accuracy. As the velocities of different material are different, we got the sound velocity of sample piece by the instrument at first, after that we start the measurement. 
From below pictures we can see the measuring value is very precision, the error is within ±0.05mm.
Measure Thickness of Particular Material
The wall thickness of sample piece is 9.99mm






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